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Even though nudism and topless are not that developed in Argentina, there are some places where you can go and be free to take off your clothes. Please, have in mind that doing topless in the public beaches is forbidden, that’s why we will now mention you the places where you can go.

Within the beaches in the argentine coast, you may visit the following nudist beaches:

The most famous nudist beach of the coast where you can go topless is in the outskirts of Mar del Plata, more specifically in Chapadmalal, at around 25 Km from Mar del Plata. “Playa Escondida” is a nudist beach that offers a wild (but carefully arranged) environment. You can go by car or by bus (the ticket price is AR$2.20 and its leaves every half and hour). Playa Escondida is a public beach, which means it has free access for everyone who wants to go. In order to stay there, you must follow the rules. Playa Escondida offers a variety of services in order you may fully enjoy your days at the beach. The beach of Playa Escondida is surrounded by cliffs and it has a well preserve natural atmosphere. If you are patience enough, you will be able to see many animal species, including water species, and you will be able you see in the rocks many interesting animal fossils. Within the services offered in Playa Escondida you will be able to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, have coastguard service, first aid service as well, WC and showers, a bar, Volley court, massage service, an parking (charged). For those who want to go nude or topless, this place is perfect.

Another nudist beach, where nudism is optional, is located in Villa Gesell and it is called “Playa Querandí”. Here, as we’ve mentioned nudism in not a must, but an option. There is free entrance, although a fee is charged in the way, in order to go through a private property. This nudist beach, within time, has been gaining more beauty and services. Right now, the beach has a lifeguard service, and there are some signposts missing, but they are on the way. This place has been gaining more importance within time, and it has been gaining bit by bit new services, in order everyone who wants to go nude can do it there and have all the commodities necessary, in order to have a great vacation.

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, nudist beaches aren’t really popular in Argentina, but you can find these two beaches and other locations in the province of Buenos Aires where you can be free in your birthday suit. Remember to go by the beach’s rules, and if you opt to keep your clothes on, respect the ones who don’t.

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