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Since last October, Argentina has its first ice bar. This unique place is located in El Calafate. The bar furniture is made ​​with ice from the glaciers of Patagonia. It is a luxury bar is worth knowing if you are exploring the city.

This type of bars started opening a few years ago in cities like Mexico City, Madrid and London. Today Argentina is in this exclusive list is sponsored by Fernet Branca.

Glaciobar is located in the basement of Glaciarum which is the Patagonian Ice Museum 6km from El Calafate. The bar is 70m2, the walls are made of ice blocks, industrial and furniture are pieces of Patagonian glacier ice which were towed from the lake that surrounds the city.

The bar is open to the Museum hours every day from 10 to 22 hours and there is a choice of free tap drinks, whiskey and soft drinks for 80 pesos. The recommended time to be within about 20 minutes as the temperature is 10 degrees below zero to prevent the ice melts. To enter the bar must be covered with a blanket with hood and gloves. May sound weird but is an experience worth living.

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