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Called after the river that surrounds it, the city of Paraná is perfect and balanced. As its name in Guaraní entails, the “parents of the sea” have a lot to offer.

During your visit around the great city of Paraná, you will be able to absorb all its history, culture and nature, in order to recharge your energy and refill your wisdom. The city of Paraná, as a good capital city of the province of Entre Ríos was the “meeting point” of many moments of the argentine history.

But not everything is history in Paraná. During your trip, you may visit places such as Avenida Costanera, the civic center, the Cathedral, the Municipal Palace, the historical Mail Building, and the Theater “3 de febrero”, among many other options. Moreover, you should visit the “Parque Urquiza“, located by the downhill of the Rio Paraná.  In this place, you will find activities and entertainment for adults and kids, the best view and all you may need, in order you spend some really nice days with your family.

Those who’d like to do niche tourism activities such as trekking, mountaineering, mountain bike,, fishing, and others, will be able to do it in Paraná and its surrounding places and cities, such as Villa Urquiza, Piedras Blancas, Hernandarias, or the Volga (a famous German community).

As every city surrounded by river, the water activities are a special feature of Paraná. Here, you will be able to do many of these water sports and you will have the best time and never get bored.

This city offers a peculiar history, since it has never been officially founded as such. It has formed within time and with the arrival of immigrants who stayed there and have formed the community. Nonetheless, Paraná is a fully-fletched city with all the necessary services and facilities for you to enjoy your trip. Likewise, despite its “lack of foundation act”, Parana has a lot of stories to tell and it was really important in the history of the country. Paraná is definitely a place we should all visit some time.

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