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Plaza Serrano is one of the places where the art, cuisine and design are met. This square is located in Palermo and is of great importance since it was gradually becoming popular for artists, and expose their craft every day and the young at Buenos Aires also frequent the square, either for walking and to go for a drink or eat and enjoy a fun and friendship moment. There are many bars surrounding the square, and what is very common in this place is that when sitting at the table,  a few artisans are selling their handcrafts. The majority are young people dedicated to living from their craft and so offer a variety of accessories, souvenirs and handmade clothing.

The bars and restaurants of Plaza Serrano, are very well known for their design, are simple place, but very warm and the atmosphere is generally very friendly. What is special about these bars and restaurants is that during the day on weekends, become clothing fairs. Thousands of independent designers from Buenos Aires exhibit their creations in many placed in racks of the little bars. It is a different way of shopping for clothes, as the testers are in the bathrooms of these bars. The truth is that is not very comfortable, because there are few toilets, queues to try on the clothes are long and that’s why you have to go with plenty of time  and enough time is available as both Saturdays and Sundays are both  plagued with people looking for what will be their next purchase. The designs are quite original and the good news is that prices are quite affordable when compared with the clothing brand.

A tip to go to the fair linen Plaza Serrano is going well early in the morning, most of the bars open around 10am and that is the best time when you can enjoy walking and shopping. Once there, you can enter all the bars and browse the racks. The seller is always standing near the rack to clear doubts about what you want to buy. After the long day of shopping, what better to make a delicious snack while watching the sunset in Palermo.Near the square, there are several tea houses where you can enjoy lots of delicious cake with a coffee, tea or freshly squeezed orange juice. This serves to enhance energy and continue shopping or go home having made a full super ride.

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