palermo, Argentina

This beautiful neighborhood of Buenos Aires is just perfect. The neighborhood is divided into different areas, such as Palermo Soho, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Hollywood, among others. Each area characterizes for having different types of services, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, clothing businesses, shopping centers, handcrafts fairs, etc. Moreover, this neighborhood has many “green” places, among which we can mention, the “Bosques de Palermo”, “Plaza Francia”, “Plaza Cortazar” (Known as “Plaza Serrano”), etc. Palermo is a really nice neighborhood and it is worth walking through it.

Map of palermo, Argentina
Mapa de palermo, Argentina
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Geno Beer Bar in Palermo

Geno Beer Bar came to Palermo to be discovered by lovers of good beer. This is a bar of worship for those seekers of unique beers that are not going to find it anywhere else, at least here in Argentina. While the food is very good is not the main protagonist of this place as [...]

Designers Markets in Palermo, Buenos Aires

The Markets of Buenos Aires mainly appeared after the crisis that Argentina suffered many years ago. Nonetheless, from that time on, the neighborhood of Palermo started to have a new color…Artists, bohemian ideas, designer clothes, some “top” trademarks, and offers… all in one place. This boom ended up being really popular, and it turned up [...]

Restaurant Tegui: the new jewel of Palermo

Germán Martitegui invites everyone to taste some known dishes that go beyond normality. It is The perfect place for those with a discerning palate. Many people recommend it for special occasions, such as anniversaries. It may not be the cheapest restaurant in town, but it is worth giving yourself a treat once in a while.
Located [...]

Hostels in Palermo: an economic option to stay in Buenos Aires

Palermo is the fashionable neighborhood in Buenos Aires. You could say that this is the area that offers more dining options, along with bars, hotels and clothing stores. Is the area chosen by the young and not so young people visiting Buenos Aires.
When it comes to hotels, Palermo is one of the icons that is [...]

Hotel Esplendor, Palermo Soho

The Hotel Esplendor is a 4-stars boutique hotel, and it is located in the neighborhood of Palermo. This is a strategic location, since it is near the main areas of the city, such as the financial district, the downtown area, the civic center, the Obelisco, and it is within ease access to places like La [...]

Things to do in Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho is one the most fashionable in city of Buenos Aires. This neighborhood has grown tremendously and today it is very large in size and each area has a very distinctive touch that it began to split under different names like Palermo Soho, Tribeca Palermo, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Hollywood Palermo sensitive.
In this note we [...]

Armenia Square

Plaza Armenia is one of the many Palermo areas which became fashionable in Buenos Aires. It is located in Armenia and Costa Rica streets. Many bars and restaurants were opened around the square and today places are frequented by many young people who take the opportunity to go to relax and have a good time [...]

Plaza Serrano Square

Plaza Serrano is one of the places where the art, cuisine and design are met. This square is located in Palermo and is of great importance since it was gradually becoming popular for artists, and expose their craft every day and the young at Buenos Aires also frequent the square, either for walking and to [...]