Things to do in Bariloche

  • Touring round Argentina: Patagonia

    Touring round Argentina: Patagonia

    After visiting the NW and the mesopotamia of Argentina, we will tour around one of the most beautiful and incredible places in Argentina: the Patagonia. The provinces which are part of this region are: Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

    Firstly we will visit Neuquén:

    • Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi: This national park distinguishes for its flora and fauna, its incredible pits and the monumental mountains around it. Here you will also be able to visit the Parque Nacional los Arrayanes (the arrayn is a type of tree).
    • San Martín de los Andes: The perfect place to rest and skiing. A real paradise.

    Then we will move a little to the east and visit Rio Negro. Here you cannot miss:

    • Bariloche: A gorgeous city, filled with thing to do and places to go to. The best time to visit Bariloche is in winter, since it has lots of ski slopes. Even if you are not a skiing fan, you can walk around and enjoy the many viewpoints that this city offers.

    Afterwards, we will move south, and we will reach the province of Chubut. Here there are many activities and places to go as well. For example:

    • Parque Nacional Lago Puelo: As every national park in the Patagonia, this is the perfect place to connect with nature and forget about anything it might be bothering you.
    •  Peninsula de Valdez: You simply cannot fail to come here. This place is ideal for whale watching during spring, and you can also see penguins and sea lions, together with the beautiful view ahead. You can also do some really nice water activities, like scuba diving.
    • Parque Nacional Los Alerces: This Park offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Lakes, rivers, and this marvelous trees, what else do you need?
    • Punta Tombo: This beautiful place is the home of thousands of penguins. You must go and meet them.

    Then, we will move to the province of Santa Cruz, where you will be delighted with:

    • Cueva de las Manos: Located in the Cañadon del río pinturas. Here is where history and nature meet to make you see some really nice work of art.
    • Parque Nacional de los Glaciares: Here is where you will have the chance to see more than 200 glaciers and the amazing Nahuel Huapi Lake. THE place for nature lovers.
    • Monumento Nacional Bosque Petrificado: This is a real natural beauty you cannot fail to see. Not every day have you got the chance to walk around a petrified wood.

    Lastly, we will get to the province of Tierra del Fuego. You should take a look at:

    • Cerro Castor: This mountain is ideal for winter sports.
    • Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego: Really nice!
    • Ushuaia: This beautiful city is located at what we call “the end of the World”, so I believe you really don’t want to miss it.

    As you can see, Argentina is both big and filled with some really impressive places to see. So, the best way to enjoy all the beauty of Argentina is for you to come at different times and don’t think you will see the same thing over and over again, quite on the contrary, every place has its own magic.

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  • Bariloche: a tour to remember…

    Bariloche: a tour to remember…

    Not only does a person travel for pleasure, but also a person travels to discover, to wander and walk, walk, walk. Bariloche is the perfect city to do it. When we say perfect we include its city, its city-center and museums, and all its surroundings and magnificent landscape. Wherever we decide to begin our tour, we will come across millions of places and activities to do.

    As we mentioned some other time, Bariloche is not only ideal for skiing lovers, but also for nature fans. During any season of the year, Bariloche offers the following places to visit:

    • Tour around Isla Victoria: The way to get there, as you may assume, is by boat. During the journey, you will be amazed by the view, the beautiful flora and fauna and the sound of water flowing under you.
    • Bosque de Arrayanes (Arrayan woods): Near Isla Victoria you may visit the Arrayan woods. Generally, you may hire an excursion where you visit both the island and the woods. This type of trees are famous for their cinnamon-like color and their amazing height –they sometimes reach up to 15 meters-. This are only a few reasons why you cannot miss this wonderful place.
    • Trekking: For those who like adventure, you will be able to go around the mountains and climb up to a number of refuges like the one called “Emilio Frey”, where its journey begins at the bottom of the Cerro Catedral. One path is for experts and the other one is for beginners. A four-hour walk is estimated in order to reach this refuge. Another well-known refuge is he one located at Cerro Lopez. This time you may also choose the path according to your prior experience. The refuge is located at 1600 meters above sea level and a three-hour walk is estimated to get there.
    • Circuito Chico (Small circuit): This circuit begins in Bariloche and it borders the Lago Nahuel Huapi (Nahuel Huapi Lake.) If we go from Bariloche we will, in the end, reach Puerto Pañuelo, and we may make a visit to Cerro Campanario, where we will be able to go up in a chairlift and enjoy the magnificent view that Bariloche has to offer.
    • Circuito Grande (Big circuit): This circuit may also begin in Bariloche city. The difference between both circuits is that, as its name indicates, one is longer than the other. In Circuito Grande, you walk along the other side of the Lago Nahuel Huapi and the circuit reaches Villa La Angostura.Alothough it may take longer, if you have enough time do it and you will be able to enjoy the landscape whichis astonishing, and, believe me, you will not regret it.
    • Cerro Catedral: This hill is one of the most famous in Bariloche. During winter season, is filled with people longing to ski and have an unforgettable time. Even if you are not a ski- fan, you must go up and watch from up there the wonderful view this hill offers.

    Bariloche has a great deal of things to show, so here we were able to mention just a few of the many it has. All we can say is Bariloche offers not only a shocking view but also the peace you have always longed for.

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  • Bariloche: Little guide through paradise

    Bariloche: Little guide through paradise

    Bariloche has always been known for its landscape, amazing mountains –perfect for skiing-, and it has also been a place that tourists, from all around the World, love visiting. Bariloche is at 1587 Km. from Buenos Aires and it is, without any questions whatsoever, the perfect place for ski and nature lovers –not to mention for those who are curious.

    Bariloche city offers great amount of accommodation, restaurants and any kind of services that great touristic cities always grant. Likewise, all ski resorts are prepared to fulfil anything you may need during your stay, in order to make it unforgettable.

    Bariloche is said to hold the greatest ski tracks of South America, which means all ski lovers must visit this great place.

    The perfect accommodation in all Bariloche is known as Llao Llao hotel and Resort. This amazing hotel is located outside Bariloche city, in Villa Llao Llao. Not only the hotel is remarkable, but also the landscape around it makes your visit to Bariloche something to remember. You can also play golf, swim in their beautiful swimming pool with a view to the mountains or take the bus and go shopping in the city center.

    Bariloche offers a great variety of places to go around, and you can either go by foot or by car. My advice is for you to make a little day by day schedule. Those places you cannot miss when in Bariloche are:

    • Cerro Catedral: It is the biggest ski center in all South America, a paradise for all ski lovers. And in case skiing is not your thing, this place is worth a visit, as the amazing view from there is something spectacular and definitely you cannot miss it!
    • Cerro Tronador: In this beautiful place you can enjoy the flora and fauna around you. Moreover, you may also go and see the “Cascada de los Alerces”: it is heaven on earth.
    • Lago Mascardi: When heading to the Cerro Tronador, we will come across the “Lago Mascardi”. This horseshoe-shaped beauty is visited by thousands of tourists from around the world, every year. Simply gorgeous.
    • Cerro Llao Llao: This hill is not too far from the city, so it doesn’t take a life to get there and when walking you can enjoy the beautiful landscape around you.

    These are a few of the many things Bariloche offers. Believe me when I say that there is plenty to do around, and of course… the camera is a must when going to Bariloche.

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  • Locating Bariloche on the map

    Locating Bariloche on the map

    San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the Argentine Patagonia; more specifically, in the province of Río Negro. Its great location makes Bariloche an ideal place to practice skiing during winter. Moreover, as Bariloche is near the Andes, it has some unique landscapes, which must be seen when you are in Argentina. Additionally, not only does Bariloche have some incredible mountain ranges, but also has a great quantity of lakes and rivers to discover.

    As we mentioned before, Bariloche is located in the west:

    Now, we will take a look at the city of Bariloche and its most important routes, lakes and rivers around it.

    The lake known as Nahuel Huapi is one of the most important lakes around this area. There are plenty of activities to do around this amazing lake, like those known as Circuito Grande and Circuito Chico; all of them worth trying.

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  • Ski in Bariloche

    Ski in Bariloche

    Bariloche is one of the favorite ski destinations for both foreign and domestic tourists for practicing this sport. This city has the best tracks for this sport and is a favorite destination for the winter season in Argentina.

    In Bariloche, there are many ski resorts. The most important is undoubtedly the classic Cerro Catedral which is located at 19 kilometers from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. The height that has the mountain is 1030 meters height above sea level and takes its name from the resemblance that have their peaks with the towers of a medieval Gothic church.

    Cerro Catedral, today is the most complete ski and it is constantly modernizing its facilities to offer the most advanced infrastructure to those who visit it. The center consists of 600 hectares of skiable surface divided into 53 tracks that are well marked and different challenges that reach 2000 meters height above sea level. The center has tracks for all modes, including off-piste skiing. Cerro Catedral is also the stage for major international ski competitions. Hill also has an advanced snowmaking system that produces real snowflakes covering a ski area about 10 hectares.

    Get to the hill is easy. From Bariloche, Avenida Bustillo to kilometer 8. Then you have to turn left into the paved road to access to the base of the ski resort. The parking lot accommodates 960 vehicles. There is also a regular bus service every 30 minutes and other forms of access are by taxi, remise or tourist excursions.

    In addition to the ski slopes, the mountain offers various facilities such as hostels, first class restaurants, lockers, clothes, medical service at the base of the mountain, internet access at the base, information center, equipment rental Ski, snowboard and ski school.

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